La traversée du paradis

1920s. Lenin and the Bolsheviks are reigning down the Red Terror. A French spy, Charles Hirscheim, turned German spy, Gustav Lerner, is sent on a mission to Russia, disguised as a communist. But his real mission is to find the woman he loves, Tamara. A young cabaret dancer whom he met in Berlin and who mysteriously disappeared overnight…

In this grand novel of love and danger, Antoine Rault tells us an unforgettable story about German, French and Russian characters. Painting through them, a scenery of an era — of Europe in 1920s devastated by the war and the Communist revolution.

Cet épais roman d’espionnage, parfaitement mené et documenté, se révèle d’une lecture jubilatoire de tous les instants.

Le Figaro Magazine 01/06/2018