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Antoine Rault


Antoine Rault is a playwright, a novelist and a screenwriter who won the prestigious Grand Prix de l’Académie Française (the French Academy Prize) in 2006 and was nominated for the Molières (the French equivalent of the Olivier Award) for several of his plays.

Antoine started writing poetry and short stories at a very early age. He sent his first plays to Jean Anouilh who became his mentor. He is only 23 years old when “La première tête” is staged at “La Comédie de Paris”. Meanwhile, he also writes for the French national radios France Culture and France Inter.

He graduates from the Paris Institute of Political Science and then works as an advisor and writer with high-level civil servants, politicians and CEOs, an experience that feeds his writing that he pursues relentlessly.



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Pierre Marcabru

"Ce qui frappe, tout d'abord, c'est l'extraordinaire aisance, le savoir-faire, le métier d'Antoine Rault... Il met en toute chose beaucoup de légèreté, d'insolence et de liberté." - Le Figaro, 11/02/1989

Hans Peter Cloos

"Une écriture proche de la tradition nordique des Ibsen, Strindberg... On y trouve une certaine violence, on pense à Virginia Woolf." - La Tribune, 25/11/2005

Philippe Tesson

 "Antoine Rault reconstruit la réalité d'une manière séduisante." - Le Figaro, 14/12/2005

Agathe Fourgnaud

"On s'interroge: est-il vraiment aussi sage qu'il en a l'air?" - Valeurs Actuelles, 03/03/2006

Bernard Thomas

  "Antoine Rault est un auteur rare... La maîtrise d'un talent fou." - le Canard enchaîné, 14/10/2009

Claire Chazal

"Un auteur à part, qui aime mêler la grande histoire et les destins humains, les idées et les sentiments." - le JDD version Femina, 25/10/2009

le JDD version Femina

  "Antoine Rault frappe juste et c'est bouleversant." - 28/04/2014


La danse des vivants

La danse des vivants

August 1918. A young French officer suffering from amnesia receives violent electroshock therapy…

La vie dont tu rêvais

In memory of his daughter, Pierre, 50, leaves everything in Paris and sails to Los Angeles… This adventure will change his life forever.

Je veux que tu m’aimes

David, 13, tries to be loved by his mother… and imagine an incredible plan to make her happy.

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